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The PIC HomeCockpit Controller (PHCC)

If you are unfamiliar with PHCC, read the Introduction.

PHCC Overview

The system consists of a motherboard and a variety of application specific daughterboards.

PHCC Motherboard

PHCC Daughterboards

Getting PHCC

How/Where to get PHCC

Running PHCC

To get your PHCC setup up and running, read Running PHCC. <br> There, you will also find information on Firmware installing and updating, testing, and so on.


Software that interfaces with PHCC on one side, and your simulator (or whatever it may be) on the other: PHCC Compatible Software


Mainly through Forums.

F16 specific daughter boards

Daughter boards created specifically to simplify the wiring of an F16 pit

Points of Interest




PHCC Communication Interfaces, Busses, and Protocols

Motherboard Firmware Upgrades

Programming PIC Microcontrollers

Special care with the PIC18F2220

UPHCC, PHCC's sister project is at http://uphcc.varxec.net/

... more to come

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