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Communication Protocols


PHCC Communication Interfaces, Busses, and Protocols

The following communication protocols are used in the PHCC system:

The PHCC system and the host PC have their own protocol stacked on top of the RS-232 bus. Details of this protocol can be found in the following documents:

  • Host to PHCC: Media:Host2PHCC_Protocol.xfig.pdf
  • PHCC to Host: Media:PHCC2HostProtocol.xfig.pdf
    • The analog all axes dump differ from specification in firmware 0.1.8. The first packet sent by the motherboard only contain the packet type (b10100000). The next packet contains the upper 2 bits from the 10 bits ADC. The following byte contains the rest of the 8 bits from the ADC. These two packet are repeated for each analog input. The all-bits-one-byte and "all-bits-zero-byte" finally close the transmission. For more information, consult line 899 from Media:Firmware18.asm.