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Special care with the PIC18F2220


PIC18F2220 notes

During the last run on viperpits a very specific problem with the PIC18F2220 chips used in the daugterboards surfaced.

The chips do not start up after a power on reset and programmed with the current firmware. The reason of this is a hardware change in the chips by microchip. The chips now have a revision id of 6 and in the combination of config switches used in the current firmware this problem occurs.

Microchip offered a workaround for this in the Rev.C silicon errata sheet and this results in setting two config setings different.

In the original firmware these settings are:


If the chip does not start up and the revision number is 6 change this lines to te following:


A more in depth explanation of this workaround and prepared hex files will be made available on a separate website dedicated to the phcc project.


--Ad Sekeris 18:57, 20 October 2009 (UTC)