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Quadrature Rotary Decoder


Quadrature Decoder

Decodes quadrature encoded signals from mechanical and optical rotary encoders and makes the signals available for input to the Keymatrix Daughterboards.

Decoder for quadrature rotary encoders

There exist two kinds (AFAIK) of these:

  • mechanical ones
  • and optical ones.

There are many variations of these:

  • with built-in push button
  • with built-in push/pull switch (for Airbus builders)
  • concentric rotaries (stacked, the axis has an outer and inner part)
    • these can be combined with switches as well
    • usually two rotaries stacked, but sometimes more

just about any Microchip PIC can be used to decode 2 bit gray quadrature code. You need two inputs for each, and two outputs (up and down). Alternatively, you could use a different software that eg. uses the I2C protocol to tell the master (eg. PHCC motherboard) which rotaries where turned, and in which direction.

Available or planned Daughterboards