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PHCC Serial


When you write software for PHCC which talks to the hardware directly via serial port, please use this library.

Its written in C++, and released under the LGPL (Library/Lesser GNU Public License).

There is a tiny test program in the archive that shows basic usage. The testprogram itself is licensed under the GPL.

This library can be compiled under Windows and under Linux (and probably several other unices). I tested it by cross-compiling it for windows under linux.

To compile it under Windows, the free Mingw compiler (http://www.mingw.org/) is sufficient. The supplied Makefile should work out of the box under Mingw and under Linux.

There is one variable at the beginning of the Makefile: WIN32 if you set WIN32=1 it will build for windows.

If you use another compiler or want to build manually, then you have to define "__WIN32__" to build the windows version. For some compilers, you'd supply this as a commandline switch:"-D__WIN32__".

If you find bugs,... please report them in the "Bugs" section of the forum.

Here are two files, a ZIP file for windows users, and a tar.gz for Linux/Unix users. Apart from the file format, the only difference is that the Makefile in the .zip defaults to building for windows.

Download.png Download Description
Media:PHCC_Serial_20050308.zip Zip.png C++ classes for PHCC_Serial, Windows Platforms Windows.png
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Media:PHCC_Serial_20050308.tar.gz Gz.png C++ classes for PHCC_Serial, Unix Xorg.png / Linux Linux.png / Mac Mac.png Platforms
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