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PHCC Firmware Upload


Under Construction. This information is not yet complete.

PHCC Firmware Upload

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The PIC Microcontroller on the PHCC Motherboard must already have been programmed with the bootloader for the next steps to work.

Whether its the initial upload of the PHCC firmwaer into the motherboard, or an update of the existing firmware, please follow these steps very carefully:

These commands need to be entered into a DOS window under Windows operating systems. Under Unix-like operating systems, like Linux, the steps are the same except that the program is called 'an851host_newserial' (ie. without the .exe).


an851host_newserial.exe --eraseflash --rows 504 --startaddr 0x0200
an851host_newserial.exe --writeflash --hexfile firmwareXY.hex
an851host_newserial.exe --reset