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Left front console


F16 Left front console input breakout board


  • connects to one KEY64D_PH board
  • each panel has its own connector
  • connectors: pin headers for IDC ribbon flat cables
  • board size: 160x100mm (full euro size)

3D view of board

Rev.0 3D view

Schematic and Layout

Rev.0 schematics

Rev.0 Layout

Bill of Materials


Wiring the breakout board

  • Wiring the breakout board to the KEY64D_PH:

one 14 pin cable connects from the KEY64D_PH common to the breakout board common, the rest of the 14 pin cables connect to either of the 14 pin headers on the board.

  • Wiring the panels to the breakout board :

2 types of connectors are available : 10 pin connector and 20 pin connector.

10 pin connector: connecting the panel to the 10 pin header requires connecting the common to pin 1 and 10. all the switches connect to pins 2-9 : not all pins are available on all pin headers, but the count always starts from 2 and on.

20 pin connector: common pins are 1 and 2, pins and 4 are not used. pin 1 is common for the uneven pins - 5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 pin 2 is common to the even pins - 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 on the 20 pin header all the pins are always available.