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Keymatrix Daughterboards


Keymatrix Inputs

The PHCC system allows you to connect up to 1024 boolean (on/off) inputs. This should be sufficient for most simbuilder's needs (but no all as I've heard :-)

This allows you to connect for example:

  • MCP/Autopilot panel
  • MIP (main instrument panel)
  • CDUs
  • pedestal
  • overhead
  • circuit breakers
  • ...

These inputs are arranged in a matrix. The matrix consists of eight columns and 128 rows. The rows are organized in 16 groups of 8 rows. This translates into 16 keymatrix daughterboards with each 64 inputs (arranged as an 8x8 matrix).

Theory of Operation

Keymatrix - Theory of Operation - electrical

Keymatrix - Theory of Operation - Switch Wiring

Available or planned PHCC Keymatrix Input Daughterboards

  • KEY64D_PH
  • KEY64D_SC35
  • KEY64_251 (Strictly speaking NOT in matrix organization. Has one common wire for each input. So, there are 64+1 wires per board.)