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DOA 8servo



8 channel RC-type servo controller. The servos commonly found in RC (radio-controlled) cars, boats, airplanes,... are a cheap way to build your own instruments, especially where no 360 degree turns are needed. These servos exist in different sizes, and may have different amount of torque. Therefore they are quite versatile for cockpit builders.


  • 8 channels/servos per board
  • 8 bit resolution, this equals 256 different positions
  • refresh/update rate: approx 20ms.
  • small board size (50x80mm, 1/4 Euro size)
  • each Servo can be indiviually calibrated
    • with a zero offset (16 bit)
    • and with a (8 bit) gain (or multiplier)
    • this allows good control over the min and max positions as well as the servo swing (movment angle)
  • controlled via the PHCC DOA bus with the AP2P Protocol.
    • multiple servo controllers can be connected to the DOA bus...
    • along with other DOA bus devices (up to 256 devices currently)

Schematic and Layout

Rev. Schematic

Rev. Layout

Bill of Materials

The BOM is here: PHCC_DOA_8servo.BOM.txt
This list includes prices and links to to online catalogue pages of my primary source of electronics components, Reichelt Elektronik

North American users Bill of Materials media:DOA 8servo rev0b BOM.pdf