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Getting PHCC


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Getting PHCC

You have two options:

  • Build it yourself
  • Buy it

Buying it

Currently there is nobody, who's selling PHCC boards fully assembled or as kits.

or simply ask inside the forums if someone is selling cards.
Sometimes you'll luckily find someone who's selling assembled cards or kits.

Building it

All the designs are freely available for download, so you can etch your own boards -
or have the boards professionally made at a PCB production facility.
Then buy all the parts (see the Bill of Materials files for each board) and solder everything together.
Board assembly tutorials are available for several boards.

Solder.png This section explains how to put the parts together. Soldering may be required.

Assembly Services by Others

Currently there is nobody, who's offering assembly services, except made by a PCB production facility.